What is a Learning Ecology?

In science, ecology is defined by the interactions of organisms with and within their environment. A digital learning ecology is much the same in that it is a space in which students, teachers interact with one another and with the larger world using digital tools.

In the St. Vrain Valley School District, our digital learning ecology is comprised of a diverse set of tools that work together to provide multiple methods of communicating, collaborating, creating, and sharing.  Deciding which tool is best for your purpose and audience requires a clear understanding of your intended outcomes as well as an understanding of the tools available.

This ecology, like all, is constantly in flux, but the dominant structures remain, ready to be used and shared by all those who find themselves within them.  Our goal, in building learning spaces, is to help make spaces for cross pollinating and overlapping communities of interest. There are multiple functions here in the ecology - administrative, clerical, narrative, expository - but all support the work of teaching and learning in their own way(s).

The graphic below is a visual representation of the intersection of purpose and audience and can help build an understanding of where your intended outcomes fit in the continuum.

Use the links to the left to explore what it means to define an audience and purpose and to get an overview of the tools available in St. Vrain.