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Virtual Campus

The St. Vrain Virtual Campus is a digital space that exists primarily as an easy-to-use extension of the physical classroom.  Teachers can use the Virtual Campus to share handouts and resources, collect assignments, and most other functions of the physical classroom.  The metaphor of the Virtual Campus is that each each course, or page, on the Campus corresponds to a physical classroom or course. Any staff member in the district is welcome to use the Campus to support their work.  The Times-Call recently did a story on how a couple of middle school teachers are using the Virtual Campus

That said, the Virtual Campus is used for more than just classroom interaction.  Many elementary school teachers use the Virtual Campus as a place to share information with parents.  Other groups, our Speech Language Pathologists among them, use the Campus as a digital space to keep them connected and in contact as they are spread out across the district.  The Virtual Campus is also home to online training and support for various professional development projects in the district. 

Our intent with supporting a space like the Virtual Campus was to give folks in the district a digital place to extend heir work into the lives of the people with whom they work. 

Purposes - To support teaching and learning through extensions of the physical classroom; to provide meeting spaces for real time and asynchronous conversations, support for turning in and giving feedback on assignments, quizzes, etc. 

Audiences - This tool supports semi-private, semi-public and public spaces. 

Below are several examples of  ways that the Virtual Campus is being used within the district, everything from classroom websites to training support to extensions of the physical classroom.  Click on the screenshot to see a larger version.  This page is still under construction - more examples coming soon. 


SCREENSHOTS - Roger's Class?  Angelee's courses? (Visually appealing.) Eagle Crest?  Blue mountain?